Feature suggestion: Mail Identities

It would be good if Usermin had similar functionality to GMail/Roundcube/Squirrelmail etc. in that the person using it could choose with one click which identity they wished to send mail with on a per email basis (assuming that the sender had several different email accounts on the server, as I have).

Also, if Usermin had an option to make it reply using the same identity as the one that the mail was originally sent to, well, that would be good, too.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Excellent idea. I’ll add it to the Usermin todo list.

Hey Joe,

It would be good if you do add that as Usermin has many advantages over Squirrelmail/Roundcube etc. as it has easy Deny/Spam/Allow/folder control etc. etc. etc. etc, plus being fully integrated and more secure.

It just needs that extra bit of usability and I think it would then get the love it, almost so far, deserves. :slight_smile:


Yes, I’ve been compiling a list of things Usermin does wrong lately. Last week, Eric provided a vicious (and wonderful) list of stupid things Usermin does.

If anybody else has any complaints or wishes for Usermin, I’d love to hear them.

  1. When replying/forwarding to an email, have the option to include the email address as well as the persons name who wrote the content.
  2. Sort out the quite serious issue of sending replies/forwards in HTML formatted email to Yahoo/Gmail addresses. Both Yahoo and Gmail format the text totally incorrectly, and you get the message appearing twice.



ok my bad - just noticed that the devel release of usermin is out…

many thanks for this, i’m gonna install it so I can make a client very happy, devel or not!!!