Feature requests cloudmin

Hello Folks!

I have been working many years with virtualization using IBM LPAR for AIX and Linux, and also vmware.

To cloudmin Im am very new, two weeks at time of writing this. I do have experience of libvirt and xen, and good such, I was not sure where to head, kvm, xen and management to them using libvirt or cloudmin, But I picked cloudmin since I have very very nice experience over the 6 years with webmin and virtualmin and know them.

But i miss some features:

  1. Guest virtual power off, power on more like for LPARS.
    Power off ability variants:
    a. try to shutdown OS properly first and wait till it is shut down, then power off.
    b. power off gracefully, try to shutdown OS and wait for some time only, then power off.
    c. hard power off, do not attempt to shutdown OS properly.

Power on in Power platform works differently, so I skip that.

They all can be dealt with from command line or from webmin, by killing the qemy-kvm instances, but from guy I miss them :slight_smile:

  1. I would like to be able creating guests and installations without need for setting IP addresses and that have those ip address ranges and DNS update and the DHCP stuff. All that nitty gritty should not be mandatory, or the other way around you should be able disable those facilities so you can work more manually assigning the guest to a bridge interface or some other interface and then set IP address yourself.

It it possible for moment, but you need to tweak around like put as IP address on interfaces to avoid complaining from cloudmin and so on, and cleanup afterwards in DNS and clouldmin which always seems to take eth0 as primary which is not always true.

  1. Live operations, I don’t know if it is possible, I would like to see features as cpu pooling and memory pooling for guest. Be able to put min, desired and max cpu values and ram memory for each guest. And to be able setting weight parameters on guests cpu, ram usage so they can claim after that.

I am new, so maybe my requests for features is already there and I have not seen them yet, then please tell me where they are. If not, then please take a look on it.

Thank you in advance!

Please feature Cloudmin support for FreeBSD.