Feature request - Server Templates > DNS section > email settings

It would be nice if we could configure the default MX record(s) for the domain when editing domain templates. By default only one MX record is added:

domain.com. IN MX 5 mail.domain.com.

There should be an option to configure the default MX record(s) to use mail.domain.com, the server’s hostname, or none, and maybe a textarea to add additional mail servers and priorities.

See attached screenshot for my idea of how this could work

OK for some reason it doesn’t look like the attachment saved

you can already do this in the upper field
BIND DNS records for new domains

You’re right. You can add custom DNS entries. I overlooked that. However you can’t set the default MX record.

yes you can. Just add your default MX record in that field. It will apply to any newly created server using that template.
If you want different settings then create new templates with the other settings and name them logically.

That’s not true. Even if you add an MX record, it still adds 5 mail.domain.com. as well. The only way to get around this would be to check “Use only the records above” and add everything manually.

Sorry for not being complete.
I figured it was obvious to do a “Use only the records above” and add all the records you need once in that field.