Feature request - Make IP allocation optional

My billing & customer management software takes care of all my IP management so it would be nice to be able to register a Xen host without supplying any IP allocations and then forcing manual input on creation.

Thanks - I’m loving all the new features of 2.8!

You can already manually enter an IP for a Xen host when creating a system in Cloudmin, using the “IP address for Xen instance” field. Or if calling the API, you can use the --xen-ip flag.

Hi Jamie,

That’s what I’m doing currently, however when you add a new system to host Xen images you cannot create the system unless you enter an IP range. Currently I’m just using bogus RFC1918 space but it would be nice if I didn’t have to enter anything at all.

You could just enter an IP range within your RFC1918 space, and have Cloudmin pick free IPs for you… or just not use it at all, and always enter an IP manually at Xen system creation time.

I made the IP range mandatory, as in some cases (such as when logged in as a system owner) you can’t enter an IP manually, so allocation is always done from the range.