Feature request: Adding functions for timed servers


I would like to request a feature that notifies the master admin when an account is about to expire.

For example, one of my clients has paid me for a 1 year hosting. Thus 2 months before that year is over, i’d like to get an email or someting reminding me of that.

I haven’t seen this feature in vitrualmin, and adding dates with custom fields isn’t an option (no notify then…)

I think for you guys this could be an easy feature to install, possibly admin activated/deactivated.

When activated and creating a new server, just adding a field that requests how many months the buyer paid for, and then running a cronjob every day to look if one of the virtual servers is about to expire in a within a set period of time.

Any one up for this?



I’ll mention your feature request to Joe and Jamie.

However, it sounds like you may benefit from an integrated billing solution.

For example, WHMCS (over at whmcs.com) handles creating Virtual Server, sending out billing notices and reminders, and then, after a certain point, disabling a Virtual Server if hasn’t been paid for.