Feature Request: Add "Resolve hostnames on every request?" to the Webmin Users IP Access Control

In Webmin Configuration -> IP Access Control there is the option to “Resolve hostnames on every request?”. This would be necessary for dynamic hostnames for myself and some customers. but i dont use this global option as some customers dont have hostnames, so I must globally allow from all.

But for security reasons I would like to only allow root access from certain IP addresses and dynamic hostnames. But in Webmin Users -> Edit Webmin User -> IP access control, there is no option for “Resolve hostnames on every request?”. So when I enter my dynamic hostname it stops working after the IP changes, Webmin is not resolving it on every login request, so I cant use it.

So this request is to add “Resolve hostnames on every request?” to the Webmin Users IP Access Control, just like it is for global access.