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I would REALLY like to use CloudLinux as my operating system of choice…i know virt isn’t compatible. What is the issue that is stopping virt and CloudLinux from being usable together?

Biggest issue is that we don’t even have enough time for the distros we do support (which are all much more popular). Second biggest is that it’s not open source.

I might consider accepting patches to the installer and virtualmin-config to accommodate CloudLinux, but I’m unlikely to have time to work on it. And, I think I’d still be hesitant to ever call it supported. Again, we’re already overwhelmed just supporting the big three. As I understand it, it is pretty similar to CentOS/RHEL, so it’s probably not terrible to support, but nonetheless…we just don’t have the resources to add more distros.

I don’t know exactly what it’d take to switch me from “no” to “maybe” or “yes”. Even if we had several customers asking for it (which we don’t…I think there are three of you, maybe four), it still doesn’t really make the lack of resources go away. It’d have to increase revenue by at least as much as Debian accounts for (maybe more, since we probably aren’t making enough sales to Debian users to justify supporting Debian).

So…if we’re somehow making a lot more money in a year, and have more staff, and more people are asking for (and would pay for it), maybe we’ll consider it. Short-term, I don’t see how we could make it work, without other plans suffering.

roger that…it’s a time/resources issue mainly…that i understand…thanks for the answer and the time…:slight_smile:

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