FCGIwrap server error on Rocky Linux 9 & SSL Error

Rocky Linux 9 - fresh install - Virtualmin Beta Installer

Starting FCGIwrap server …
… failed : /var/fcgiwrap/16624084958725.sock/socket

I’m preparing my new web server but when I create a new virtual server I get the error above

As the latest entry I found was from June I wanted to ask if that is still normal?

Also when requesting an SSL Let’s encrypt on my main domain I get

  • Apache website : An IPv6 DNS record web.datateam.center with address ::1 exists, but this virtual server does not have IPv6 enabled

Is that a local DNS entry (but i have uninstalled BIND) and no IPv6 is activated or maybe still from the cache this afternoon where I tried IPv6 but wasn’t succesfull

Can I disable within virtualmin somehow this ipv6 check?

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