FCGId & Apache mod_php

I have update my Apache2 then suddenly website stop working
500 internal server error
then php download file

then i search a lot found this

Server Configuration > Website Options > Apache mod_php (run as Apache’s user)

website start working but on same time i read that FCGId (run as virtual server owner) is faster and better then Apache mod_php (run as Apache’s user)

now i m trying to move back to FCGId (run as virtual server owner) and save

but got this error

Failed to save website options : The Suexec command on your system is configured to only run scripts under /var/www, but the Virtualmin virtual server home directory is /home. CGI and PHP scripts run as domain owners will not be executed.

can any body help me in this matter


Sounds like you upgraded Apache from some source other than the Virtualmin repos — the Virtualmin apache releases all have /home as the default document root directory - it sounds like you installed a “normal” version of Apache which has the doc root in /var/www - that won’t work with Virtualmin.

Thank for reply , yes u r right apache upgrade by virtualmin repo then again reinstall by ssh
should i reinstall from virtualmin
or uninstall and install apache2 again from virtualmin
awaiting ur reply


What distro/version is it that you’re using there?

If it’s CentOS, what is the output of this command:

rpm -qa | grep httpd

i m using Debain/ Linode
then please tell me cmd ?

Okay, what is the output of this command:

dpkg -l 'apache2*'