Favourites how to add them

(late to the party as usual)
Not having used the option yet.

no favorites.

how to add a page ? (and I assume they can also be removed)

Click the star to set it

click it again to unset … the star appears on most module headers

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Thanks - I have learned something new and useful.

(but not every page) it would be nice to have it on the dashboard - (that would also fix the other issue with the site going to the wrong page at login - ok it is only an Alt+i away but that is not easy one-handed)

Your lucky none of the keyboard shortcuts work on my system

It must be possible to edit JSON file containing favorites manually, and add dashboard too; make sure to make a backup first.

You need to see if the hotkeys are enabled in Theme Configuration: Hotkeys page. If it is, check and change Modifier key option – it should work with one or the other modifier key.

@Stegan try this

        "link": "/sysinfo.cgi",
        "title": "Dashboard",
        "icon": "webmin"

in a blank favorites file
file directory is at


and the file will be

favorites-<webmin user name>.json

Hotkeys were set on, only way I got it to work was to change the modifier key to meta rather than alt, but yes it’s working ok with the meta key

Good! What client platform are you on?

Ubuntu linux budgie v 22.04 using google chrome or firefox (deb)

After too much forgetting where stuff was and tiring of sub menus and seeing favorites listed, I actually must have checked the docs a while back and found it. :wink:

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