Fatal error: virtual-server::list_system_info failed & PERL execution failed

OS type and version Ubuntu 24.04 Noble Numbat
Webmin version probably last, can’t see


When trying to enable multiple php version i blowup the whole productions server.

After doing do-release-upgrade everything goes wrong.

Prev distro was Ubuntu 22.

Still have access to shell.

Now when i open webmin on dashboard got message

 Fatal Error!
virtual-server::list_system_info failed : Undefined subroutine &net::active_interfaces called at /usr/share/webmin/virtual-server/virtual-server-lib-funcs.pl line 7123. 

When open Re-check config i got

HTTP/1.0 500 Perl execution failed Server: MiniServ/2.105 Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2024 13:27:54 GMT Content-type: text/html; Charset=utf-8 Connection: close
Error — Perl execution failed

Undefined subroutine &net::active_interfaces called at /usr/share/webmin/virtual-server/virtual-server-lib-funcs.pl line 3932.

after distro update all php versions was deleted so i have to manually add some (8.1).

what is the solution here, coz none of the wordpress sites working now :frowning:

Thank you.

You should have waited until the virtualmin devs released a version that works with ubuntu 24.04. There maybe loads of changes to ubuntu that are not compatible with current virtualmin version. Easiest thing to do is to revert to ubuntu 22.04 until a 24.04 compatible version is released

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If i choose to fresh install distro and webmin, what is the best and secure way to transfer all data from one to another? Including all settings, dns records, databases, email, files and etc.
There was a lot of users and user data, so i can’t lose anything from it. Or safe way to downgrade distro?

Can you access virtualmin at all ? I would hope you made some off site backups using virtualmin backup and restore which you can then restore

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Yes, I can access to virtualmin only to pages which not using PERL in backend.
I have backups only from webmin configuration files and mysql databases on google drive.

Well if you can use the virtualmin backup function as this will backup all domain information and is very easy to restore on a new virtualmin server

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Can you point me what to check and what not?

I have installed phpmyadmin and roundcube. What about those apps, it will back transferred also?

At domain level yes i assume you used the virtualmin script installer to add them. The settings look good

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Virtualmin and Webmin are 100% Perl on the backend. There is no page in Virtualmin that is not using Perl on the backend.

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Is there any scheduled date for new update, or its better to fresh install all over again?
What if something goes wrong again with backups or sth?

What is key steps to procced?

  1. Full backup of anything
  2. Fresh install Ubuntu 22 and webmin
  3. What to restore first? Configuration files, databases or this will be automatically done by restoring process?

We don’t pre-announce, because it’s difficult to know how long supporting a new major OS version will take.

But, this looks like a simple issue. Did you restart Webmin after upgrading your OS?

Try re-installing Virtualmin again on a new Ubuntu 24.04 system. But first, before running Virtualmin install script, install manually this test version of Webmin that should work with Ubuntu 24.04.

Yes, i already did that, restarting webmin and server also.

What changed? I poked around and couldn’t find any use of MD5.pm that would explain this error just showing up now.

I believe the issue is that the OS detection failed during the Webmin installation, and incorrect modules’ configs were copied.

I just install this file webmin-latest.deb over last version but nothing is changed.

Is there any option for offering live support, coz i am not too good at linux. I can buy pro version or pay for additional services.

That doesn’t make sense if what OP described as happening is what happened. We correctly detect Ubuntu 22.04, which is when/where Webmin was installed. Then the OS was upgraded, which wouldn’t do anything with OS detection in Webmin.

Duh, I thought it was a clean install! Sorry, missed that!

So, I continue to not understand where this error is coming from. It’s first, very surprising that showing info on the Virtualmin dashboard would need MD5 at all, but it’s also surprising that upgrading to 24.04 makes it not able to load MD5 (isn’t that one that is bundled into the Webmin package, already?).

Perhaps distro upgrade to unreleased version of Ubuntu 24.04 did some other damaging changes, like deleting some other dependencies? apt autoremove can be damaging.

It would be good to check that by running the following command, which will show which Virtualmin-related packages are possibly missing:

apt-cache depends virtualmin-lamp-stack | grep -E 'Depends|Recommends' | grep -v '<' | cut -d ":" -f2 | xargs sudo apt-get install

Later, if you want the command above execute just add -y flag at the end of it.

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