I am having some trouble running a wp plugin and the author suggests I am not using fast CGI on my server.

I’ve got a CentOS 6 box with a recent standard Virtualmin GPL setup. I don’t know much about fastcgi/cgi/dso stuff though :slight_smile:

Would I have fastcgi? Is is something I could enable through Virtuamin if not, and would that cascade into other problems?

Thanks for any help,



Virtualmin supports 3 PHP Execution Modes – FCGID, CGI, and mod_php.

FCGID is quite similar to FastCGI in function:

You can switch between those 3 in Server Configuration -> Website Options -> PHP Execution Mode.

By default, all domains use FCGID.


Excellent - thank you for the info Eric,


with the new virtualmin it does not appear like changing the server options to mod_php to fastcgi. How could I change it?

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