Fast-cgi and php-fpm on virtualmin

does virt 7 configure individual account isolation in php-fpm?

if the unlikely event the answer is now does virt 7 on ubuntu support fastcgi php execution. I know it’s php-frm by default on rockyu/alma.

just curious.

Yep. (Well, if you mean “runs apps as the user”. “Isolation” means a lot of different things to people.)

We wouldn’t have deprecated suexec on RPM-based systems if php-fpm didn’t support running as the domain owner. In fact, we wouldn’t support php-fpm at all if it didn’t. That’s a non-negotiable feature in a shared hosting environment. The only mode that isn’t running code as the domain owner user is mod_php and we’ve been trying to convince people to stop installing mod_php for like a decade.

fabulous…mod_php is not something i would run anyway…i did in an exerimental basis but once i figured out the pitfalls iw ent to fastcgi when i took my service live…:slight_smile:

How about ubuntu/debioan? is php-fpm the default there?

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