Fallover cluster

Hi everyone,

I have two servers with Virtualmin install and I have setup ISCI with raid1 with my local disk, now i want to make fallover and loadbalancing between two servers, Please help me what’s next to do !

Howdy – there’s a variety of methods for having a failover server.

The simplest, and most common way to do that, would be to have two separate servers – and each night, generate a set of Virtualmin backups, copy those backups to the failover server, and restore them there. That can all be done via cron.

And then, if your primary server fails, you can manually switch the DNS to use the failover server.

There are more automated ways to handle failover available. The Cloudmin product we offer provides two ways of handling failover.

If you have a SAN or other shared storage available to you, and your Virtualmin servers are VPS’s, you could use this failover system here:


The advantage of it is that when the backup system comes online, it’s using the disk image stored on the VPS server, so it would be in the exact state the previous server was in, with all the data that was there.

As soon as the new system can boot, it can be serving requests exactly as the previous server had been.

Alternatively, if you aren’t using VPS’s and shared storage, Cloudmin can be configured to monitor your primary server, and if it goes down, can switch the DNS records to point to a backup server. That’s described here:


If you use that second system, you could use the following in order to replicate your domains and settings from your primary server to the backup server:


You have the option to specify how frequently data is sync’d between the primary and backup servers.

We unfortunately don’t have much info on setting up a cluster, which is more complex than standard failover (which is already fairly complex :slight_smile:

The issue there is that with a cluster, the applications need to be “cluster-friendly”, so to speak.

But hopefully the above will give you a place to start!


Hi Eric,

Thanks for reply actually i am trying on my free tier Ec2 with autoscaling, But I have found Cloudmin GPL will not work there.
I have setup one Glusterfs Storage server and shared configuration of /etc/httpd, /etc/webmin /etc/usermin,
But you know the problem is that
I can not create name based virtualhosting in apache, thats why Its not working, properly, can you please help how can i setting up virtualmin so that can create name based hosting?

And other point is
In webmin cluster package how can I automate the process adding server automatically to cluster and sync user and group between two ??