Failed to update zone!

im having some troubles here, i am running virtualmin gpl and i created an account on the server via it using a domain i have laying around, everything creates ok… i think, anyways, before i can connect to the site via that domain i have to do a manual bind9 restart, this is a bit of a hassle, anyways, on top of that it doesn’t create the db file under “/var/cache/bind/” but it creates the hosts file under “/etc/bind/” when i go to “DNS Domain” and then “Zone Parameters” and input the required info and hit save it gives me an error “Failed to update zone : Cannot write to directory” i am useing Virtualmin 3.34.gpl with webmin 1.350 on UBUNTU 6.06LTS Server, i have the permissions of “/var/cache/bind/” set to 777 can anyone aid me in fixing this problem, is there something i am missing?