failed to TAR up repositories


some days ago I set up a new Virtual Host in Virtualmin.
Nearly all features are enabled, including git repositories.

After that I entered my home directory in the shell, renamed public_html to public_html_ and created a new, empty public html directory. In this directory I cloned a git repository which is hosted on
Files should be integer.

So far, my application works fine but every night, when backing up my server, I encounter the following problem, which is sent to me by mail:

Backing up Git repositories and configuration files …
… failed to TAR up repositories :

With the result, that my Server is backup up only partially.

Unfortunately googling the error “failed to TAR up repositories” ends up in 0 usable results.

What I did:
I checked out (cloned) the Github-Repository a second time, which did not help.
I removed the whole public_html directory with the git-files for one night, but still the error.
I tared the public_html - directory manually (tar czfv public_html.tgz public_html) that brings no error.

What can I do?

Thank you very much in advance,


I’d like to know what’s happening here also? What a pain that because git repos are part of the backup process it now fails. It almost warrants removing any git repos from the server completely so it isn’t failing on that feature.

I think it’s a bug in the git repo feature.
Anyone else care to chip in?

I can confirm that removing the git feature solves the issue.

was this reported as a bug?

Also having this issue.

Could anyone solve it?

Probably best to see if there is an existing bug report for this, and if not create a new issue.

I have the same problem here. Nothing new about it?

I somehow fixed this a few months back. My issue was related to some changes that came along in virtualmin’s implementation of BIND and it was causing my backups to fail

I am drawing a blank as to exactly how I fixed it though I am sorry hopefully this points someone in the right direction.

But what is the link with bind and git ? Because when we desactivate git, it work back again…