Failed to start The PHP 7.4 FastCGI Process Manager

5.7.40-0 ubuntu0.18.04.1 | Webmin 2.001 | Virtualmin 7.5-1

Hello Ilia, and staff happy new blabla here :wink:

please, php7.4 “FPM” don’t start or…?. ( Always newbeee )

Do i need to delete and re install it ? (how) :wink:
Many thank


Did you just install PHP 7.4?

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nop, it was from 1 year


Does the user “archive” exist? It looks like PHP-FPM is complaining cause it cannot find the UID for the user.


sorry where can i find the user “archive”?


It’s implied that one of your domains has the user “archive”…

if it is, i didn’t do it consciously… how can i check this please?
here the php.ini of the 7.4:
php.ini (71.3 KB)
here the php-fpm.conf
php-fpm.conf (5.3 KB)


Need to figure out which domain belongs to Domain ID “160631008227351”…

I could help you out with that, but I’d have to bill you :slight_smile:

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ok let’s go like that,
how to do it?

What do you mean?

You could help me out with that, but I’d have to bill you :slight_smile:
how to do it?

Go look in


You should find a file with a name of 160631008227351 - open it and you should find details of the domain, user, group, home directory etc. Basically everything you need to ID the misbehaving domain\user.

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160631008227351.conf (287 Bytes)


I knew what to expect in that file…

We already established that “archive” is the user, and hence on a default install of Virtualmin the home directory would be “/home/archive”

Again, I could diagnose and likely resolve the issue for you, but it would become billable hours.

*** No offense intended to you @Dibs ***

@tpnsolutions - None taken. :wink:

ok, hourssss? :confused: how many ?

it’s not most simply to delete/remove and reinstall the 7.4?



No, I wouldn’t start with that, and generally doubt that would really be the solution. It’s likely simpler from my point of view, since I manage dozens of Virtualmin installs, and address server issues for a living. Regardless, you’d pay for one hour, or nothing if it goes unresolved. Odds are it’ll be resolved in about 10 - 15 minutes tops, unless it’s more serious or something weird is going on.

(again): ok, let’s go,
how do we do?