Failed to save port : Failed to connect to : Connection refused

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 18.04.6
Webmin version 2.021

I am getting this error “Failed to save port : Failed to connect to : Connection refused”
May I know what it is caused?

I also try saving my config file the error keep on repeating.

Thank you very much!

Probably blocked by a firewall. Some providers keep port 25 blocked to prevent spam.

You need to check with your service provider. If you’re self hosting this on your own connection, you need to check your port fowarding and firewall settings.

Where are you seeing this error?

Note the address.

OP. What Joe said. What configuration file?

Please see image. I currently using VPS in hostinger.
Thank you.

I have never seen either of those errors. I can’t figure out where the last one (the one in the title of this topic) is even coming from. Nothing we do would connect to local port 25 when doing updates, so…I don’t know what is happening there.

And, the unknown group 'smmsp' in statoverride file is also nonsensical to me.

What’s unusual about your system? Any third-party repos enabled? Upgraded from a prior version of Ubuntu? (I’m just trying to get my bearings because at the moment, this looks like a completely foreign creature and I have no idea how to even troubleshoot it.)

If it were me, I’d try running the update from an ssh session, just so you know you’re seeing all the errors and you know there are no extra steps (the port 25 thing looks like it’s not coming from apt/dpkg, but I don’t know how it would be coming from us).

We don’t know what’s happening either but we restored our VPS the problem has solved.

Googling the dpkg error indicates it can happen if sendmail was previously installed. That wouldn’t be the default on a fresh Debian or Ubuntu system, so it would indicate some non-standard install process (or just not starting with a freshly installed OS, where stuff was already preinstalled). Or some other thing that led to sendmail being installed, and then removed to reinstall Postfix (which is our default mail server and what is installed when you run the Virtualmin installer).

So, I think we’ll just say, “Don’t do that.”

Old Ubuntu. Window shows ‘updates’ yet apt-get seems to think it is a new install of postfix, not an upgrade? Also 44 packages not upgraded. Lots not adding up here.

That’s a very odd error, because a package update should never attempt to send email!

Can you try editing /etc/webmin/config and adding the line error_stack=1 , then re-trying the package update? That should generate a more detailed error message …

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