Failed to save enabled features ...

Hi trying to get rid of the Bind feature, do not need it, all my DNS is off server with my Domain registrar.

Was able in virtual server setup of domains to untick ALL the option but 1 … a sub domain.

Every time I untick the option it seems to save fine but seems to give fake news. WHATS IS NEW EH!

When I go to features and plugins etc and try to kick the BIND option it always tells me that this one sub domain depends on it?

I was told it was deleted from enabled features for the domain but comes back like a boomerang.

All my DNS is off server as any wise admin would do. Why is not an option at install.

Also, 2 servers in the last week using centos 7 have had BIND crash as usual when I am asleep ( never known this before ). I really do not need this BIND bit myself.

How much is loaded on a normal install of your software that most of us do not really need?

… Failed to save enabled features : The feature BIND DNS domain cannot be disabled, as it is used by the following virtual servers : …

Like I need it ???