Failed to save alias : User '1' does not exist

Hello there,

I have a strange issue with creating a mailbox for an existing user in Virtualmin.

This user has the home directory in /home/user_name. I use this user to connect to my server via ssh (no password, login via ssh key).

When I try to check the box “Yes, deliver to mailbox” in his Mail Alias (in “Edit Mail Aliasses”) I get the error “Failed to save alias : User ‘1’ does not exist”. No idea why ‘1’. Does Virtualmin think this is the uid? It isn’t.

When I go to “Edit Users”, click on the user and try to set “Primary email address enabled?” to “Yes” then I get the error “Failed to save user : Home directory is not under /home/domain_name”.

How do I fix this?

Bump because I’m really lost here.

Can anyone help here or move this thread to relevant categories maybe?