Failed to lookup IP address for

I just installed a new system fedora core 10.
I installed webmin success
I tried to install virtual, took a while to config but success.
But now when I try to install additional modules from webmin I got an error message "Failed to download modules list : Failed to lookup IP address for"

I was able to ssh and try this command wget
got similar error message "Resolving… failed: Temporary failure in name resolution.wget: unable to resolve host address `

I think I messed up my network setting now I can’t access out internet.

Any idea to fix?

I think I messed up my network setting now I can't access out internet.

Any idea to fix?

Configure your network correctly? :wink:

What are you asking exactly? You can use the Webmin Network Configuration modules (DNS Client, in particular, strikes me as the first place to look), or you could use the system-config-network command line tool. The first is fully documented at while the latter is documented in the Fedora documentation.

In addition to resolving your DNS issue, I’d like to mention that you’ll have a much easier time getting all of Virtualmin up and running if you use the automated installer, rather than manually downloading and installing the various packages.

The GPL installer – – is available from here:

Once you get DNS working, that script will make life much simpler!

He’s running Fedora 10, which isn’t yet supported (and may not be, as Fedora is rightly extremely unpopular on production servers…and I wouldn’t want to encourage it being more common…the lifecycle is just way to short for sanity).

Thanks all, dns problem resolved, got webmin running with virtualmin, one problem I have now is with proftpd, it’s not showing as part of the enabled features for virtualmin account, should I create new topic?

should I create new topic?

Yep. If you were in my head, trying to keep up with all of the questions I’m thinking about at any given time, you’d understand why. :wink:


Thanks for the information you had shared. But i want to share a message that is you can check your ip address through Because i usually do this to check my ip address i use this website

dont know if new thread is created, but dag,wiers.repos shouldn’t be used with webmin. it breaks stuff.


O_0 just noticed I replied to a spam message :confused: sorry

O_0 just noticed I replied to a spam message :/ sorry

I couldn’t tell if it was spam or not (the site linked wasn’t working when I checked it earlier). Spam isn’t very effective when they can’t even keep their site working. :wink:

Yes, there are reputable, non-spamming tools for getting information about IP addresses and DNS.

I’m using – much easier to remember