Failed to download metadata for repo 'virtualmin'

Rocky Linux 9.1 Raspberry Pi (aarch64)
Virtualmin 7

Unfortunately I cannot upload the virtualmin-install.log file because I am a new user.
Here is the log: virtualmin-install.log · GitHub

More specific is 404.

This is a fresh install with only dnf update, wget, and sshd setup. The rocky linux 9.1 OS was imaged with the official raspberry pi imager tool. I reformatted and have tried this twice with the same issue.

That’s not a supported OS. (We don’t have ARM repositories.)

Virtualmin can still work, and it’s pretty easy to trick the installer into running. It’s been discussed quite a bit, just search the forum. Everything will probably work, except mail processing which will be missing the procmail-wrapper package.

He had told me @Ilia a while ago that they had added support for “procmail-wrapper” in the aarch64 architecture…

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That PR has not been merged. And, there are no ARM repos.

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