Failed to copy template configuration ( AWSTATS)

While setting up a new virtual domain, I had the awstats box checked, everythging went fine except this error:

Setting up AWstats reporting …
Failed to copy template configuration :

How do I fix this please?


Take a look at Resolved bug #188. It explains how to workaround this error.

From the bug discussion, it sounds like I ought to be making a copy of awstats.conf to awstats.model.conf during installation on SUSE…Does that sound sane to you guys?


That would work well and would be there when the first server is created no error flaged.

Where is that “Resolved bug #188”, couln’t find that anywhere on this site!!!

We moved to a new bug tracker recently (and new CMS and new forum and new shopping cart and new…etc.) and the old bug numbers are no longer meaningful.

If you’re running into this problem, it’s gotta be something new, as the bug was resolved. :wink:

Start a new discussion about it, and we’ll help you get it figured out.