Failed to contact license server

I logged into one of my Virtualmin Pro servers this morning to find this error:

A problem was detected with your Virtualmin license :
Failed to contact licence server : Failed to connect to : Interrupted system call

I’ve tried to Re-Check License Status but I get the same results. What happens when your license expires or something like the above error happens? What would the end user or public facing visitor see?

Sounds like a networking issue on the system.

Nothing will happen on the system, and your users will never see any license-related messages. The error is harmless.

How can I make the error go away? The box has public IPs bound to it and the default IP tables config minus SSH access which is restricted to only IPs I would connect from.

The license server is just a web server…so if you’re allowing outgoing web traffic (and the related return traffic), then things should just work. There is no esoteric protocol at work here.

Can you make a web request of our server from the system? For example, can you download a file?



If that fails, it’ll probably give you a clue about why.