Failed install using ipv6 only server

Ubuntu Linux 22.04.2
Virtualmin version 7.5
When trying install Virtualmin 7.5 (free version) to Ipv6 only server, I don’t get past the install page, and receive the following notification:

Connecting to … failed: Network is unreachable.

I have used Virtualmin on IpV4 servers without issue, but this is my first IpV6 server that I am trying to install Virtualmin on. I installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu, changing only hostname/hosts, and also successfully completed update of Ubuntu via apt update && apt install -y

After the first failed install attempt, I then re-installed Ubuntu using Froxlor control panel to ensure the IpV6 was working. Froxlor installed successfully. I then removed Froxlor and then completetly re-installed Ubuntu back again to the state mentioned earlier. Same failure to install again. Is there a reason for this install failing?

I think you may need a IP4 number for install (see pings I’ve done). Also are you running public servers alot of people won’t be able to reach your site. ie my pc has no IP6 address (that ping if from the server that has a IP6 number and IP4.) I can’t ping my server using ping -6 command.

Thanks for the reply back. Coming to the conclusion that Ipv4 may be needed too. My server is an Ipv6 only server, so the A record for an Ipv4 server won’t fly. Thought VirtualMin was setup from start/finish for IpV6, including install, but apparently this is not the case. I’ll keep using it on my Ipv4 servers, and wait until VirtualMin allows Ipv6 during install.

I don’t think its anything to do with allowing IP6 during install, more that the repo server hasn’t a IP6 address. @staff is this correct and is there a workaround for this?

Your hosting provider doesn’t provide an IPv4 gateway for IPv6-only hosts? That seems bizarre. You’re going to have a lot of problems doing anything on a system that can’t reach any IPv4 hosts, even if all your clients have IPv6 access (which is also pretty unlikely).

Thanks for the reply Joe. I will check with my host provider with regard to an IPv4 gateway for IPv6 only hosts. The IPv6 internet protocol is very new to me, and I am sure there are settings on my end that need to be changed, or that my provider needs to explain to me. Since IPv4 will be around for many more years, you’re likely right that a hosting provider needs the gateway.

Joe…Just an update. My host provider did have the option for a IPv4 address, for an additional cost of $1.50 per month. I chose this option and am now able to connect to both IPv4 and IpV6 addresses without any issues. I just successfully installed Virtualmin without any problems. Thanks again.

I think it would also be possible to use something like

I assume that eventually virtualmin will have ipv6 reachable repository.

The Nat64 is a great solution. I opted for the easy route. Both IPv4/v6…I agree, at some point, repositories will need to accomodate IPv6 directly, but likely 20+ years or so away from this.