Fail2ban seems not to work

OS type and version: CentOS 7
Webmin version: 2.105

despite Fail2ban is up and running, and specific Action Jails are enabled and configured as per default, it seems that F2B does not work. Here a major example:

While this setting seems ok, no bans are applied despite various failed basic-auth apache login attempts.
Any idea?

What happens if you use an action rather than leaving it blank ? I tend to use ‘iptables all ports’ as the ‘firewalld all ports’ does not seem to ban all bad boys. It might be worth thinking of moving from cent os to a more modern os to take advantage of newer software releases

Tried with this configuration, but still not working. I’m also not sure of the “Port” right notation (I need to check all the ports since malicious users try any). What should I do?

I just use

and it works fine