Fail2Ban or another brute force blocking software

I’m hoping you are considering integrating a module for Fail2ban - it would be really usefull for all of us, everybody hates those non sense brute force attacks. And it seems the simplest, efficient and easiest way to achieve that. In your tradition sort to speak.

Thank you. Maybe a good ideea if it could be installled by the Virtualmin script?

I will second that proposal.

I run Fail2Ban it is very effective and very flexible.

Thanks for reading

I joined to ask for this very feature.

I too would like to see this feature.

Any moderator/admin can drop a few words about this?

Hey all we are now working on this module for everyone… bare with us it will be out by the end of the month… i am working on this and will have it posted as soon as it is done… any question you can drop us a line at

Lynkerworld admins…

Any update on this?

Nothing yet… had to fire coder… have another coder looking into it for me… any one willing to help let me know… i will have our new coder get with you… about it…

ConfigServer Security & Firewall has a Webmin module. It is fairly easy to implement.

Configserver handles SPI firewall and login failures.

CSF also has some other useful (though sometimes overkill/annoying) notification features. However it is simple to configure and has good documentation in the config file (which can easily be edited via the Webmin module)

Add OSSec and you will cover most of what Fail2ban can monitor, plus rootkits. It plays well with CSF. (install ossec-hids-latest.tar.gz)

We use fail2ban on more than 50 servers, and, it works great. Can’t manage from webmin, but, pretty easy to setup and install. It would be nice if it was setup by virtualmin install. I add my vote also.

Anyone? This is becoming a very old, lonely thread…

I use fail2ban on one server but instead of other solution I decided to go with APF + BDF from fail2ban is python based and need more resources (read CPU) than APF+BDF conbination.

Instalation is more than simple.

FWIW, I’d certainly appreciate integrated Webmin/Virtualmin support of fail2ban, too.

+1, fail2ban support would definitely be cool

As would, rkhunter

fail2ban please!

Seems obvious there’s a fair amount of requests and support for providing a fail2ban webmin/virtualmin module - yet despite this thread being 3 years old, not a single admin / virtualmin reply about it.

What gives, guys? I consider fail2ban to be an incredibly valuable way to prevent brute force attacks, and by having it integrated with virtualmin it would make it easy to block 80% of both security compromises, if not serious performance hogs (everytime a brute force attack strikes, it triggers tons of :oadAvg warnings - fail2ban would effectively kick and block those before they become a problem.

A simple user-interface, with a list of services to monitor, as well as adding custom log files, would be all that is needed.

Is this something to hope for?

Hi, I was also searching for a webmin module which can do the configuration … and i haven’t found one.
But I decided to write my own one … and as soon as it’s finished I will share the module. But it will still take some time until I’ve finished the programming part.

But everyone is welcome to support my work … :slight_smile:

Any updates on adding Fail2ban support?

I don’t think so, but we completely switch to ubuntu servers and CSF+LFD …