Fail2ban bock IP for all ports

Hi there,

thanks to the good tuturials I finally was able to set-up my own server on a Ubuntu 18 system.
I am pretty new with this stuff, but I am looking forward to learn more about everything.
When Fail2ban gets active and it’s blocking the IP, it’s just for the port.
Is there a way to set it up that when one Fail2ban rule applies, that the IP doesn’t have any access anymore to the server, not even to the Webpage?

Thanks a lot,


Yes, you can configure fail2ban to block a banned ip from connecting to all ports on your server by using the iptables-allports action to apply.

In Webmin | Networking | Fail2Ban Intrusion Detector | Filter Jail Actions edit one or more jails and in Action to Apply, select iptables-allports from the dropdown.

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