Fail to creat new virtual server without error message

Hi there,

I have a VPS account with a hosting company. Running webmin latest version on it. Just installed the virtualmin and trying to manage 2 domains and 2 mail servers on it. I have deleted all previous user and group account and the DNS records, apache record (apart from the basic ones). So that I could manage 2 domains both as virtual.

However, I followed every step described in Virtualmin GPL documentation. When try to create the first virtual server. cgi script was running fine. Showed creating all records successfully. It stoped at apache record is ‘done’. There was no ‘return’ link as other ‘successful page’ may have.

When I went to the Virtualmin main page. It still shows ‘No virtual servers have been created yet.’. I have tried this different times with different ways. Same.

no error message so have no idea what was wrong. Can anybody please help.

Hey Chriss,

Sounds like the Apache restart is hanging. Since you’re not getting the return link, the process definitely isn’t finishing.

What happens when you restart apache manually?

On Red Hat based systems:

service httpd restart

It’ll be different on others, obviously.