Facing Problem with Email

**Operating system:**Cent OS
**OS version:**CentOS Linux 7.9.2009
** I Use only Virtualmin.

Hello Friends,

I have basic to advance hosting knowledge on shared hosting servers, but new to CENTOS.

I am experiencing some real trouble with email receiving (from both Gmail and Yahoo). When I try to send email it works perfectly fine but not when receiving it.

I am receiving this message whenever I try sending email to my server from Gmail/Yahoo mail

550 5.7.1 <admin@mydomain.com>… Relaying denied

Can you please guide me on steps on how to resolve. Can you offer me some guidance. I would be really Thankful if anyone can help me out with this issue.

best regards

You need to post the maillog entries when trying to send mail to your server. The sender error is not useful information.


I am attaching complete Mail log files in text file.

If you need complete Log file, pls view it here MailLog

Main.cf file: Main.cf

Main domain hosted: helios7 .com.
Add-on domains alt-minds .com

All hosted on same server.

I am able to only send email when I try to send through admin@alt-minds. com to my own address i.e admin@alt-minds. com from the virtualmin mail interface. This works surprisingly.


Dec 6 14:57:13 vmi411011 dovecot: pop3-login: Disconnected (no auth attempts in 0 secs): user=<>, rip=, lip=, TLS handshaking: SSL_accept() failed: error:1407609C:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_CLIENT_HELLO:http request, session=

You probably need to apply a SSL certificate to Dovecot before it can support encrypted protocols.

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That’s true, but also note that dovecot has nothing to do with the original problem (dovecot does not receive mail sent to the server, that’s postfix).

@bs981I didn’t want the whole log! I just want to see the entries that appear when you try to send mail and it fails. It’s too hard to make sense out of the whole log.


I purchased SSL certificate for domain alt-minds. com but SSL certificate wants to send verification email to : admin@alt-minds. com

The email incoming is not working for external mails so I am basically stuck and does not know which way to proceed and how to get SSL installed on domain alt-minds. com without having an active incoming email which works.

Is there any other way to apply SSL certifcate to davecot?


Thanks for your reply. I was not sure which part of the mail log do u require specifically so copy-pasted entire mail log for your perusal. Sorry for that.

I am familiar with Basic/Intermediate CPANEL settings but virtualmin settings are bit new to me. The hosting company pushing me to get a CPANEL installed but I know virtualmin is more detailed/robust but can get little complex for new users who are not familiar with the virtualmin settings.

Do I need to de-activate dovecot. Please guide me on this.


That’s correct and I have a hunch that certs have not been applied to Postfix either. This would cause the behaviour described by @bs981 - he can send / receive email from one domain to the other within the server but cannot receive email from outside the network, e.g. from Gmail etc.

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Thanks ! can certificate be applied without getting them verified ? The company from where I got this SSL wants to send email to admin@alt-minds .com to activate SSL fully.

Please guide me how to resolve this.


Unfortunately some certifying authorities do not use standards compliant mailboxes like postmaster@domain.tld and have arbitrary settled on admin@domain.tld, causing all kinds of problems.

You will have to validate and apply the cert before this issue can be resolved, @bs981 or use Virtualmin’s interface to get a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt as a stopgap in order to debug the mail issue and then switch over to the paid cert when everything works normally.

If the alt-minds domain is within your control, I could set up a temporary email service so that you could receive their validation email on admin@alt-minds. It is is not then I cannot think of any way in which the cert could be used before it is validated via that email address.

Can shifting namserver to CPANEL (different server), activate SSL and then shift back to CENTOS can resolve this problem?

Once activated, I can apply SSL to davecot. Will this solution work-out for me.


Yes, that should do the trick.

Thanks, I have main domain helios7.com for which SSL is activated. alt-minds.com is a new add-on domain.

Can installing SSL from Helios7. com to Davecot can also do the trick? Just wanted to know. It is already activated but never applied to Davecot before.


No, your helios domain is behind Cloudflare, that’s why SSL is working there, but this has nothing to do with it.
I managed to scour through the logfile and your IP isn’t answering to port 25 (SMTP). You will need to fix that before troubleshooting any further!

Edit: To clarify, check that Postfix is actually listening on port 25, run netstat -lnp|grep 25 which should return something like this:

tcp 0 0* LISTEN 1328/master
tcp6 0 0 :::25 :::* LISTEN 1328/master

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please check output file (see screenshot below)

I am attaching the output for your perusal. Please check attached image and let me know if port 25 is closed or open. If closed let me know how to open it.


Postfix is listening on localhost only.
How did you actually install Virtualmin?

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Virtualmin was installed at the time of buying CENTos. the VPS hosting provider asked during install whether you want Virtualmin, Plesk, or CPANEL. I selected Virtualmin. There were basic steps involved. Is there is something which needs to be done here?

Do you want me to post maillog entries when I try sending email from admin@alt-minds.com to admin@alt-minds.com. It does work. If Yes, please let me know from which folder I need to provide maillog entries.

Also, I am able to send emails from my email id admin@alt-minds.com to Gmail/Yahoo or any other (from within virtualmin). However, when I try to send email back to admin@alt-minds.com from GMAIL/Yahoo it does not work.


It seems something is strange in their template.
I notice you are using Contabo, which I ranted about in another thread yesterday.
You should ideally scratch this server and start again. Use a newer OS for starters, CentOS 7 is old, and install Virtualmin yourself. It’s basically copy&paste from the Virtualmin install page.
This will give you a better starting point than a provider template that seems poorly configured since not even hostname is properly set.