EZ q Virtualmin GPL : IPV6 Range allocated, does Virtualmin manage assigning IP6 addresses to interfaces, or do it myself?

EDIT Nevermind the first question, I see that virtualmin DOES add the lines to /network/interfaces. They are not taking effect but this is likely/possibly a side effect of it being an LXC (Proxmox) container.

Some more testing, the lines added to the interfaces file, are correct, but Virtualmin is not restarting networking (to activate the assigned IPV6 address) before finishing the creation of the virtualhost. Trying to search and find a solution.

Question 1:
No problems with anything ipv6, working fine.
But I was wondering if virtualmin is supposed to handle adding the ipv6 addresses to the network interface, or do I need to do it myself? (/network/interfaces)

So far I have done it a few times myself, and works fine, but I’m wondering if I am missing a step to have Virtualmin manage the IPV6 range itself with the interfaces? If I don’t add the address myself to the interfaces file I get this error, which is expected.

“Adding IPv6 address 2a01:453:23:7453::500 …
… IPv6 address failed! : No active interface found for eth0 at /usr/share/webmin/web-lib-funcs.pl line 1477.”

Seems that it would be appropriate for virtualmin to add and remove ips as sites are assigned them but not sure. (IT DOES)

Question 2: (Feature has been requested here: https://github.com/virtualmin/virtualmin-gpl/issues/118 )
EDIT: Actually one more question, for existing virtual servers (domains) that were enabled with only IPV4 dns records, any way to have Virtualmin generate the default set of AAAA records (www,mail,admin, etc) once the virtual server is given a IPV6 address? This is for existing virtual servers.