Extra master admins

I have a quick question. Is it possible to add extra ‘master admins’ in the virtualmin control panel? I would like to give someone else the same access as I have using my master admin account. The only thing I can find right now are extra admins in the webmin module, those exist however within one virtual server (not the complete server).
Thanks in advance.

  • Caspar


You can do that by giving a user “sudo” rights.

If you have a user named “example”, you can add an entry like this for them in /etc/sudoers:

example ALL=(ALL) ALL

Virtualmin would see that and grant that user Master Admin rights when they login.


Thanks a lot!

I was poking around in all the webmin modules trying to find the setting… After deleting the user from webmin I instantly got access as master admin :smiley:

  • Caspar

There is a problem with this.

If the master account password is changed from Webmin > System > Change Passwords, then the master account cannot log in to Virtualmin. The only way you can change a password from that Webmin page is if you uncheck both of those options underneath the password (the “Force new password upon login” and “Change in other modules”).

The “Force new password upon login” option would be very useful. Can someone tell me how to make this work? Using Virtualmin 3.97-gpl


have same issue, dont have access to Virtualmin with Master admin rights (I can login with root but it has no Master admin rights, see attached picture).
So, I was going to do like Eric said:

  1. The server has user named “example”
  2. apt-get install sudo (hadnt sudo before)
  3. added an entry in /etc/sudoers:
    example ALL=(ALL) ALL
  4. going to https://ip:10000
  5. puting user: example, psw: xxx
    no luck… Login failed. Please try again.
    What I missed???