External Mail Server (MX Record - Yahoo) - Problem Solved

UPDATE: Problem solved. It took a while for the DNS changes to propagate.

Hello all,

  • I have a website in a VPS server hosted by Awardspace;
  • I manage the VPS through Virtualmin;
  • My domain is feuan.ao and I don’t have access to it. The institution DNS.pt manages the .ao domains;
  • I want my website to continue in my VPserver at Awardspace but I want my e-mails associated with feuan.ao at Yahoo’s e-mail server. I recently bought 50 mailboxes at Yahoo;
  • Now I can create e-mails XXX@feuan.ao (at yahoo’s control panel). I can send e-mails from the created e-mails, but I cannot receive;
  • I have contacted yahoo and they told me:
    MX records:
    mx-biz.mail.am0.yahoodns.net Priority: 10
    If TTL is required it will be 1 hour or 3600 seconds
  • I have changed the MX record in Virtualmin and disabled the “Mail for domain enabled?”;
  • When I send an e-mail to XXX@feuan.ao, I got:
    The response from the remote server was:
    550 5.1.1 XXX@feuan.ao: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table
  • When using this site: https://www.whatsmydns.net/#MX/feuan.ao, I get: 10:mail.feuan.ao for the MX record, which is not the one inserted in Virtualmin.

I’m a newbie, so I please ask any help. Thank you