external DNS

I hosted my websites with external DNS through Godaddy DNS manager (A records are pointed to my IP), but the websites are very slow. How I can check this problem?

I tried to inspect the websites without DNS by browsing IP/virtual-server but I get Forbidden error; how I can access the websites directly by IP?

Hi, pretty much you can’t, the IP of your webserver points most likely to /var/www/html and if you dont have index.html or something there, you get Forbidden error (try adding index.html with something in it there). As far as Virtualmin websites go, only way to access them are via ServerName and ServerAlias, which are not accessible by IP directly, as far as I know.

Well, one way to do this is to change the server’s “default” DocumentRoot (/var/www/html) to point to one Virtual Server, one by one… i guess that would work…

  • Yorkki