External DNS: Accessing SMTP / POP

How do you setup SMTP/POP when server has a private IP address but is using external public DNS.

My external DNS is setup as follows


ftp @
mail @
pop @
www @

1 @ smtp.mydomain.com

Is this correct?

When I try to add a mail account in Outlook I get error message saying client can not find POP/SMTP server.

Firewall is off.
BIND is off.
already checked “Automatically detect external address”


Does your firewall forward smtp/pop to your server’s private IP address?

If you are configuring Outlook to connect to the IP address used in your post above then it would expect to meet an smtp or pop server there. If that IP address represents the internet facing interface of your firewall then it isn’t going to get that, unless you forward smtp/pop connections on to your (virtualmin?) server’s private IP.

Hope that helps, though I guess you may have already found the answer since this post is quite old.