Export mails from CentOS 7 to CentOS 8.2 or to Email Client

After some research it seems I may go with RoundCube exporting all mails per user per folder as maildir or mbox in old Server and then import them at new server with RoundCube. Only a few users have IMAP so those are the only ones that will be exported. But when trying to export or import there are limits and even changing in all PHP versions to maximum upload file size it does not change in RoundCube. I checked the .htaccess in Roundcube and could not find any limit. Where shall I change it because in old server is 10Mb (download) and in new server is 2Mb (upload) and I will need it to go up to 3Gb. Also is there any problem that the user email account in old server is user1.mydomain and in new server is user1@mydomain.com? or is there any other better way to export emails?

Why not use SCP?


Or imapsync.

That should be able to transfer all email from one server to the other without you having to worry about php upload limits or username formats.

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