Expert Joomla and AWBS Wanted

For the design of a new webhosting portal, based on Joomla, AWBS and Virtualmin, I am seeking for a joomla expert to integrate it with AWBS.

Anyone interested reply to this message.

you don’t integrate joomla into awbs. Joomla is a framework.

if you are a little bit familiar with joomla then a simple solution would be to run awbs as a wrapper inside joomla.
you can create a module and put your login for awbs in it or use the existing one.

if you want it fancy, you’ll probably want an awbs expert to port that script into a joomla component. However that’s a lot of work and probably costly.

I’ve tested for 1 year a custom integration.
User integration works but it still needs some edit.

It will cost a little :frowning: