Every Login Attempt Refused on example.com:10000

Operating system: CentOS
OS version: 8 64 bit

Used SolusVM to install the OS so new, clean install. Installed Virtualmin following the Virtualmin docs. Looked good, told it’s now good to login at my URL:10000. The login page comes up, no problems so far. Enter root as username and the root password. Login fails. Back to terminal, check users in /etc/passwd. Only root as a non-system user. Password offered is the same as the one for shelling into the terminal, no having set any others at all.

Can I set up a password for the Virtualmin root user, or change that to admin with all privileges and give admin a password, from the terminal?

The documents are unclear on this point. They make it obvious how to set up new admins for virtual servers but not for the whole machine. Nor is it clear how to grant all privileges without finding a full list of them.

I already have one other VPS running with Virtualmin installed and the root user not having access problems so this appears to be a glitch of some sort. However, it is noteworthy that MariaDB required some fiddling and a VPS reboot or two in both instances.



It sounds like you assume there is a separate user for Virtualmin/Webmin. There isn’t (there can be, but you generally should not do that). Webmin authenticates with system users.

Login to Webmin using either the system root user, or the sudo-capable user (Webmin will treat any system user that has sudo ALL capabilities as a root user, by default), that you use to login via ssh.

Not so. I’ve been trying with the system root user but access is blocked, it’s not accepting the password for root, i.e. the password used to log into the system via the terminal.

The last couple of attempts have come up with another error and are not even showing the login page: Error code: SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG

This appears to be a FF vulnerability and not Virtualmin’s problem. I’m looking into it now. If anybody has any suggestions to offer I would very much appreciate them.

My question was whether I could get into the system from the browser if I set some other password or setting using the CL in the terminal, but it seems that’s a blind alley looking at the new information.

FF has some limited detail on this. It suggested using a private browser page to sidestep various things, which gave me the login page again. It is still not accepting root login. So we’re back to Virtualmin or, are you suggesting it is Webmin?

In either event, is it possible to open port 443 if blocked, on the CL and will whichever Virtual or Web min pick it up?

This has nothing to do with your password or user. Check the /var/webmin/miniserv.error log for clues. The miniserv.log might also have clues about the password issue.

Same thing (well, Virtualmin is a set of modules in Webmin). Webmin provides the app server.

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