Every database must start with user owner name like nsarnet_wp

for the reason that mariadb cannot create multiple databases with the same name like for wordpress wp it should be for the owner eg nsarnet to start with nsarnet and should be like that nsarnet_wp this feature for avoiding double databases is done on cpanel and plesk

thank you

sarantopoulos nikos

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That’s the default behavior when Virtualmin creates databases. Can you be more specific about what you’re doing that creates a database without a domain prefix in the name?

FWIW, I think my installation also allowed databases without a prefix in the name. I changed the Prefix for additional databases to “${USER}_” under the MariaDB database section of the default Server Template.

Maybe I missed a configuration wizard step or something that caused that behaviour.

I would guess
webmin->servers->database server->create a database rather than creating the database using virtualmin

as you can type any name you like it the name field