/etc/letsencrypt -- is it also used by the LetsEncrypt that virtualmin installs for us? Or may I delete it?


The context of my question:

I host a plethora of websites for friends and relatives as a courtesy (not as a commercial service, my dedi is for another purpose), and I forgot to add letsencrypt to one of those domains.

I couldn’t do the usual, Virtual host > Server configuration > Manage SSL certificates > Let’s encrypt > Request certificate.

There was an error for this domain, about web-based validation failing because the LE “client was used previously on this system” with the follow-up explanation that any further letsencrypt installations would have to use the old-style client rather than the Virtualmin way.

Following a support thread ( https://www.virtualmin.com/node/40920 ), I get that deleting /etc/letsencrypt gets rid of the problem and allows to once again use virtualmin to setup Letsencrypt. OK.

My actual question - sorry it took so long to reach it, haha.

Here’s the object of my worries, if I delete /etc/letsencrypt, will that, or won’t that, break SSL and Letsencrypt for every other website that had LE installed through virtualmin?

May I safely trust that /etc/letsencrypt was uniquely used by the old school client, and the virtual domains won’t need it for the LE installed and handled by Virtualmin?

I’d be most grateful if I could have a confirmation I am not going to screw SSL for every virtual host already using LE with virtualmin, thank you very much if you can tell me :slight_smile:

I will respectfully allow myself to ping this thread once :slight_smile: