/etc/init.d/webmin deleted during update

Hey STAFF… just wanted to report that I did an “apt update && apt upgrade” and although webmin was updated… it deleted the /etc/init.d/webmin script.

I had a backup, restored it, seems fine.

Just an FYI.

OS type and version Debian 9
Webmin version 1.994
Virtualmin version 7.1-1 Pro
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Think this was by design, according to @Ilia’s post here.

Thanks for the heads up. Yes, it’s by design.

I wonder, how did you find out? :slight_smile:

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Well, reading every single post here because of some slight OCD, tends to have the side-effect of memorizing information like this :slight_smile:
I actually didn’t even notice it was gone until seeing your post.


Gosh, I completely mixed up my quoting on the previous post. That question was addressed to @jimdunn, as he was the one who noticed it.

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Ok, I have deleted the /etc/init.d/webmin script (that I restored)… thx.

Alright, it is good to know that you have removed it!

Well if by design. Then there is a new way to commandline (re)start webmin?
Since my update, webmin (virtualmin) fails to restart. The virtual hosts can be accessed fine though.

It is a systemd service. So, you restart it like you do any other systemd service: systemctl restart webmin

Most distros also have a wrapper that makes the service command continue to work, so service webmin restart should also work.

If it fails to restart from within Webmin after the first time after the upgrade, something is wrong. I think we expect one problem right after the update. But, no problems after that.

Ok. thanks… after a reboot all appeared to be working ok

There are rare cases when Webmin process on systemd systems after upgrading from 1.991 to 1.994 can be stuck.

There is a new command to address those special cases:


(no system reboot required)

It seems resolved… there where no issues anymore. Tx.

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