Errors trying to validate domains on NGINX & FPM

Hi all,
My journey started with an issue of failing backups. In the process of troubleshooting this I found the validate-domain command. When I run virtualmin validate-domains I get an error. I can find plenty of information regarding apache, but not much for an nginx/fpm install. The command I am running that replicates the error is:

virtualmin validate-domains --domain --all-features
Log file rotation : No webserver log found for virtual host

Sounds simple right?

Well this led me down the rabbit hole of fixing this issue. Verify that Virtualmin->System Settings->Features&Plugins shows that “Nginx website” and “Nginx PHP-FPM website” are enabled! (Apache website=disabled) (Are both suppose to be enabled?)

Some document on this site I found suggested: go to Webmin -> Servers-Nginx, but this is MISSING (Not an option under “Servers” for nginx…)

When I create a brand new domain, it gets created and the virtual-config is generated in /etc/nginx/sites/available. It contains the necessary (but not optimal) config to bring the site up with php & fpm. I will save that for a separate thread.

So any guidance will be greatly appreciated. I could not find a clear cut guide for nginx out there. Not saying it doesn’t exist, just I could not find it.

I am running:

Ubuntu 16.04

Webmin 1.881

Virtualmin 6.02-3