Error when logging to Squirrel Mail

Hi all,

I am getting this error when logging to my squirrelmail.

Error connecting to IMAP server: localhost.
0 : php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known
Go to the login page

any suggestions??

Thanks for reading my post and I really appreciate all your help.



What is the contents of your /etc/hosts file?

In there, you’d want to make sure it contains a line that contains this: localhost

This is my hosts file

[root@308217 ~]# vim /etc/hosts localhost 308217

Still the same, is there any logs i can see with the possibility of diagnosing this error. The internet is suggesting that the host file should have as you suggested and it seems to have solved a lot of similar issues out there.

But in my case, I am out of luck.

Thanks andreychek, I really appreciate your help.


Go to WebMin, then at the bottom of the left menu, click “System Information”, then in the status tab, click the refresh icon under “Action” column, that worked for me…

Thanks Matimont, that helps