error updating roundcube 0.7.1

Hi all.
I’m running Virtualmin 3.89.gpl GPL and Roundcube 0.7.0. Now, I’m trying to upgrade to Roundcube 0.7.1 and the script fails with this message:

Received 2.58 MB (100 %)
… download complete.
Failed to run database date script : ERROR 1146 (42S02) at line 15: Table ‘infval_com_roundcube.cache_index’ doesn’t exist .
… done

but now, if I check the roundcube version installed in installed scripts: 0.7.1

Any suggestions? ¿Is there any update to database not performed?



If everything is working on your setup, it should be safe to ignore that error.

Virtualmin tries to run a number of MySQL commands from RoundCube’s update script, and it sounds like it tried to make a change that you didn’t need.


Thanks you. I’ll check if all is working.