error: Not a cPanel tar.gz file


When I Migrate Virtual Server

I selected the directory containing full backup files of cPanel

And I got this error

Validating migration file …
… validation failed : Not a cPanel tar.gz file : Unknown compression format

Is it normal?

I have many full backup files, should I migrate manually one by one?


Does that work for you if you do it one at a time? Is it only failing when you point it to a directory?


Yes, It works each full backup file but directory.

I have many full backup files :frowning:

Plz fix it…

Well, I suspect that means it’s not possible to migrate more than one cPanel backup at a time.

The documentation on that page suggests it’s designed to migrate one domain at a time – it may just be Virtualmin backups that can be restored a directory at a time.

What you could do is use the Virtualmin command line tools to perform your migration.

In the command line, you can run this:

virtualmin migrate-domain

To see the available options. You could write a script that loops over all the backup files, and runs that command on each of them.

Note that I believe cPanel backups require you to set a password for each domain (which is probably why multiple domains can’t be imported all at once from within the GUI), so you may need to pass in the --pass option.


Oh! Thank you Eric.

You saved me :slight_smile: