Error messaging

Can someone tell me whose idea it was to use “Bad file descriptor” as an error message? What the heck does it mean? It doesn’t tell me why my upload failed. Please make error messages helpful. Don’t mean to bad mouth anyone, but dang it I’m frustrated with this thing.


Sorry, I know it can be frustrating sometimes :slight_smile:

Can you describe exactly what you’re doing, and how you’re going about doing it? And when in that process do you get that error?


I was uploading a zip file and it got to the end of the upload and said that it failed: Bad file descriptor I just don’t know what a file descriptor is, let alone a bad one.

I figured it out. It was the permissions on the directory I was uploading to. It would seem more useful to me if the error message said something “Failed to upload file: Check file permissions.” Maybe it’s just me. Anyway, thanks for replying, Eric. I do appreciate the effort.

It generally means that something pretty odd went wrong… so we’ll need some more details about what’s going on there :slight_smile:

For example, how are you uploading the file… via FTP? SCP? The Webmin File manager?

Are you overwriting a zip file that already exists on the server, or is this the first time you’ve uploaded it?

Also, is it possible that account is over quota? If it were, that could produce some unusual messages :slight_smile:


The account is definitely not over quota. I was not overwriting, and I was uploading via the upload/download module in Webmin. As I say though, it turned out to be a permissions issue.