Error installing Roundcube

I have a Virtual Server with some email users that I can access with Usermin.
The owner user also accesses both Virtualmin and his mailbox with Usermin.
If I install the Roundcube script, this error appears.

What I notice is that @localhost is being searched for.
If the error refers to the contents of the /etc/hosts file, localhost is a different domain than the one used for mailboxes.
Server = hostname.domain1.tld1
Virtual Server domain = domain2.tld2

OS type and version Debian 12
Webmin version 2.105
Virtualmin version 7.10.0 Pro
Related packages Roundcube

This is what a successful installation of Roundcube looks like when it is installed via Virtualmin → Install Scripts.

You did do that, didn’t you? We have to play detective since you have elected to post just a snippet of a screenshot.

Try and work with Virtualmin to administer your shared hosting system rather than force Virtualmin to work the way you expect it to.


I didn’t make a snippet; what I posted is all that appeared.
I have already read the documentation and continue to read it now.
I can’t find anything that can help me figure out where the problems are with the scripts.

Instead, I have the doubt that the origin of all my problems is having Virtualmin associated with a domain that is not used in the Virtual Servers.
I wonder if all the various problems reported by me do not depend on a bad initial configuration.
The server (with Virtualmin Pro) has an FQDN resolved from an A record in domain1. This domain is in a DNS zone managed by the provider.
In Virtualmin there are two Virtual Servers that resolve Domain2 and Domain3. These domains are managed by Virtualmin which acts as a name server.

that is just the same problem we are all having!

As most of us have found the scripts actually work (so no problem with the scripts) I have installed Roundcube on 5 VMs all without a problem.

Given some of the similar problems you have reported (re phpMyAdmin - another script that installs well) I also get the impression this is not a typical Virtualmin installation)

Debian 12 seems to pop up as the version in quite a few topics lately.

Did you give this domain DB access when it was created?

The op has changed the mysql password to something else so the domain owner and mysql passwords are different, that said the OP may have reverted back idk

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