Error establishing a database connection

Can anyone help me fix an issue I’m having with MySQL periodically shutting down? When I try to restart the daemon, the error I get is:

Failed to start service :

MySQL Daemon failed to start.

Starting mysqld: [FAILED]

If I restart the whole server it works fine, but this is happening on a daily basis so I can’t keep restarting the server. I probably need to check the logs but can someone direct me to the right place to look?


Hi Dan,

Hmm, MySQL definitely shouldn’t be shutting down daily (or at all!)

Are you by chance using a VPS? What you’re describing may suggest a resource problem, we’ve seen that happen a lot with OpenVZ-based VPS’s.

If you have a /proc/user_beancounters file, could you paste in it’s contents?

Also, what does “free -m” show?



Thanks for the help. I think you could be right, I’m currently using AWS EC2 Micro instance which is only 595MB RAM. I don’t see a beancounters file but running ‘free -m’ displays:

Mem: 595 (total) 500 (used) 95 (free) 0 (shared) 28 (buffers) 177 (cached)

-/+ buffers: 294 (used) 300 (free)

Not much RAM remaining. Can you suggest how I can reduce the RAM usage as increasing RAM through AWS is mighty expensive.