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Today while attempting to install an SSL Certificate I somehow caused Virtualmin and Apache to crash! I had tried several times without success and then on one of the attempts Virtualmin quit working and so did Apache. Now none of my websites work and neither does my email.

When I try to go to the website here is the error I get…

An error occurred during a connection to Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s).


I still have SSH access and since it’s on a server with VMware I can access the installation that way too.

PLEASE HELP! I have several websites and a LOT of work in this! Any ideas on how to fix this?

Dan Lewis

Cant’t help but chek if ssh or webmin is running for example

so check on command line what yes or no is running

  • Connect to your VPS service via SSH. You will need to log in as the root user in order to run the restart command.
  • On the command line, type the command /etc/init.d/webmin stop and press Enter. Note that you may get an error message that says the Webmin service is already stopped. This is okay.
  • On the command line, type the command /etc/init.d/webmin start and press Enter.

Then you can try other browsers and howto workarround in brwoser or set things that cypher if without error running services on server.

I have see this once myself longer time ago, can’t remember but then you can most of the times when services are running wel but not the ssl do some at command line with the letsencrypt / certbot search the web

Dont know which versions yes no support from OS you use,

MOST IMPORTANT have you backups of data and databases? no then try to get as much as possible backups from data and databases before doing …

Not sure if you are using letsencrypt and this can help you while also other versions and OS but who knows:
Letsencrypt fails for some sites on same server - Help! (Home for newbies) - Virtualmin Community

Check also for updates of your box on ssh for operating system itself

Thank you for responding! The problem all centered around installing a faulty SSL certificate. Once that happened everything else went wrong like a domino effect!

The solution was to log on to Virtualmin using one of the domains that had a good SSL certificate. And then to disable SSL from the bad virtual server. Then to go ahead and delete everything related to the SSL. In the process the nameserver was also effected so I had to go in and manually enter the domain name and the DNS name into the BIND section. I also then went back into the Edit Virtual Server and disabled a few other relevant things. I had to manually restart BIND and restart httpd. That being done most things seemed to work again. Now it’s just a matter of “mopping up” afterward!

Joe from the Virtualmin staff was an absolutely INVALUABLE resource as he guided me down the path that led to success! If I ever had any doubt about the money I’ve spent to help support Virtualmin those doubts have long since disappeared! Paying for the PRO version and supporting the people that make this all possible is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!!!

Thank you for your input!

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Ok take care of the autorenew date.
Mostly if Letsencrypt this is about 2 Months, you can check that if it is renewed then before then end date.

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