Error: Cannot write to directory /etc/webmin/virtual-server/


Here’s my original post on Webmin

I installed Virtualmin on Linux, Ubuntu 16.04 with the latest Webmin,
Tried to install from the .deb file first
It said it was installed but couldn’t run.
So then I downloaded virtual-server-6.022.gpl.wbm, extracted it and uploaded
virtual-server-6.022.gpl.wbm in Webman Configuration > Webmin Modules.
Not sure if that’s the correct way to do it but I have the Virtualmin tab in Webmin.

I already did a LAMP setup before installing Webmin via Putty.
And I have one main domain on the vps which I created a virtual host for.
I also create a virtual host for a subdomain.

Then I installed Webmin, which seems to be working fine.
What I really wanted to do was create an ssl cert for the subdomain,
As the main domain already has a fee ssl cert, I’m using Cloudflare free dns service.

Anyway, back in Webmin I clicked the Virtualmin tab and went through the install wizard,
When I select next for the database servers, it displays Cannot write to directory /etc/webmin/virtual-server/
Virtualmin also says no virtual servers created, I was hoping I could make it detect the existing virtual hosts etc etc.

Hi, my best advice is to install virtualmin on fresh install - like naked os and then right a way after updating that os, install virtualmin. Lamp uses different methods and permissions… I would use lamp only for local development to be honest. if you use debian distro (ubuntu is different - its debian based but heavy mods was done to it) just install netinstall iso, with ssh. once installed do apt update && apt upgrade -y waits till finished and then download virtualmin script and run it according to virtualmin documentation. It should works.

Hey thanks for your advise,
I did the install a few times since, I’m getting the hang of it now,
Had so many things to fix, I forgot about this thread.